Returning to Work Safely

The Guinness Enterprise Centre is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the building is safe for those who are continuing to work on the premises and for those who plan on returning to work at a later date. We are making changes to our building operations and services so that you and your team can continue to work in a safe and healthy environment. We will continue to regularly monitor communiques and updates that the Government and HSE are issuing in relation to COVID-19. We will continually update our procedures as we move forward through these difficult times.

Swipe Card Access

Access to the GEC will now operate via Swipe Cards, issued from our administration team. This will grant you access to the GEC at any time while ensuring a safe number of people inside the centre. Please use your Swipe Card at all times when entering the GEC.

Hand Sanitisation Stations

Hand sanitisers are placed at the main entrance, by the elevators and throughout the building to encourage usage.

Hygiene Stations

We have provided high-touch locations throughout the building with sanitisation stations including sanitising spray, disposable towles and specific COVID-19 waste bins.

Increased Cleaning

There are additional cleaning services using appropriate detergents and disposable cleaning cloths. Special attention is being paid to high-touch items such as door handles, washbasin taps, toilet handles, lift buttons, keypads and more.


Wearing masks or appropriate face-coverings is now mandatory within GEC hallways and shared spaces.

Behavioural Signage

New signage has been incorporated throughout the building, including floor markings, to remind everyone of social distancing, safe use of space, one-way systems and general COVID-19 protocols.

One-Way System

A one-way system is now implemented throughout the building to facilitate social distancing. Directional signage is in place illustrating relevant routes.

Co-Working Spaces

Our shared co-working space has been reconfigured to ensure social distancing. Hygiene stations are also provided specifically for the use of co-workers.

Reception Screens

Plexiglass screens have been installed at the front reception desk.

Isolation Room

An isolation room for potential patients has been created to keep the community safe until help can arrive. Please inquire for further information.

Visitors Policy

GEC clients' visitors must complete and return a signed declaration form prior to their arrival. Unless travelling from the governments' approved "green listed" countries, any other visitors who have been outside of the country may not be permitted entrance. This is to ensure the safety of our community.

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