Dublin City Leo

Dublin City Leo

The Dublin City Local Enterprise Office has played a key role in facilitating the GEC community with Enterprise supports developing entrepreneurship in our local start-up ecosystem. The LEO have been great supporters of the GEC by working one-on-one with our community, offering personalised workshops, drop-in clinics and assisting us in our ambitious GEC Expansion.


Dublin Leo
Dublin City Council

LEO Supports

Online Training & Mentoring

Business Continuity Voucher

Trading Online Voucher


Drop In Clinics

Jenny Huston

Founder and Creative Director, Edge Only

LEO Dublin City and the GEC have supported Edge Only from the very beginning. We successfully applied for a Priming Grant for prototyping and master model creation in our first year, prior to trading. I received BREXIT preparedness mentoring and we availed of the LEO Online Trading Voucher to further develop our website. More recently we received a Business Expansion Grant towards hiring a full time member of staff. As a member of the GEC community, the LEO have been really important, valuable supports to our business as we scale and grow.

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