The GEC is the #1 University Associated Business Incubator in the World!


The GEC's National Partnership Programme is a collaboration between the GEC and enterprise centres around Ireland.

Offering a 'home away from home', the objective of the programme is to engage in a collaborative effort, with our extensive network of centres nationally to develop regional start-ups and support and grow our vast network of entrepreneurs together.

On offer through this programme is use of the GEC's excellent facilities in the heart of Dublin as well as the opportunity for start-ups nationally to participate in the GEC's University Partnership Programme.


University Partnership Programme

The GEC is ranked the world’s Top University Associated Business Incubator in the prestigious UBI Global rankings. The GEC partners with Top MBA Programmes and Universities globally, as we believe that these institutions inspire some of the world’s best entrepreneurial minds.  This partnership affords start-ups exciting opportunities, such as, live strategic business projects, internships and collaborative research initiatives.

Prosper Series

The Prosper Series is an initiative created by the Guinness Enterprise Centre in 2017. Our mission for Prosper is to develop a network of support among different county's business diasporas to enhance prosperity in these county's through co-operation, knowledge sharing, creativity, inspiration and a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Prosper Series has since launched in Kerry, Limerick and Cavan.

The format of the event involves early-stage companies presenting to key decision-makers looking to support economic development in their county.

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Prosper Series

International Partnership Programme

The GEC International Partnership Programme is a collaboration between the GEC and enterprise centres globally to create a network focused on building entrepreneurial communities.

Partnering centres can offer their start-ups exciting opportunities, such as; live strategic business projects, GEC associated events, use of GEC facilities as well as participation in our University Partnership Programme.

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