Working from Home- Our survival code

“You are not working from home, you are home during a crisis, trying to work” – this essentially sums up our last 2 weeks since we made the decision to have our team work remotely for the first time ever in GEC history.

Our business is all about you, the startups and the staff who make up your incredible team of heroes and heroines making your business and who add to the energy of our community we have here in the centre. Our doors have closed but this isn’t goodbye , just an indefinite see you soon (we are not crying .. you are) which brings us to the topic of this blogpost, how can you make working from home your new normal?

If the words “Working from Home” only conjure up Fifth Harmony images in your mind, then you have come to the right place. We are looking at how you can tackle the blurred lines of work and home life and establish a new routine and rhythm for the next few weeks. Here is what we think matters most when it comes to working remotely:

1.Creating the perfect workspace 

We know space is an issue, we dare you to find us someone who isn’t competing for workspace from everywhere to the kitchen table to that chest of drawers that was once used as a dumping ground for your clothes.We are all competing for square foot to emulate our former glory days of office life.Our top tip -work with the space you have, not the space you wish you had. We have created some great home office design tips and desk inspiration over on our Pinterest page to make your surroundings as clutter free as possible and to enable you to be inspired and creative in this challenging time.Another great Irish business we have come across who is making our home office dreams a reality is Flying Elephant. They are offering desks that arrive flat-packed, are hassle free and that they claim “can be assembled in under a minute without the need for tools, pesky screws or a Swedish engineering degree!”. We are all here for it and will take anything that stops us from fighting over the one table in the house, which is currently the daily struggle for all households and its inmates.Other great options include the trusty Ikea and Desk Nomad which have other great affordable options and solutions for every desk demand you may have.

2.Maintain a daily schedule 

Let’s face it, the recent weeks have brought a lot of uncertainty, upheaval and chaos to our lives and for the most part, we have been unable to regain control of our current situation. However, now that you are working form home, you are the ringleader of how your days are structured. We know the first few days of remote working are filled with logistics such as getting your tech configured, testing your Zoom account and of course the countless trips to your cupboards to eat every crumb in the house.. working from home really fits in with our hashtag of #BestPlacetoGrow.

We call this intervention the “Routine of Quarantine” ladies and gentlemen.In this time of chaos and Covid19, we need to  develop structure to our day to ensure our productivity and motivation doesn’t fall with our new change of scenery.Make sure to set your alarms. Get up at the same time as you would usually and start your day like any other.Or if you usually have to endure a commute to work, take the this time to treat yourself to a nice breakfast for starting your working day off and that will keep you fuelled until your usual mid morning coffee break.

Schedule your day into blocks and keep your desk planner beside you to keep you focused on the tasks at hand .This will hopefully stop you from scrolling across social for every update that clogs your feeds every hour. This allows you to see clearly all that needs to be completed and will help you to remain motivated as the days go by. It is great to develop this habit now and use even after we are finally free from self isolation and can return to our former places of work.

3.Get dressed, yes- we really mean it

We have seen over recent days countless memes of people at home working in ensembles of business on top(shirt/ jacket), comfort on the bottom(pjs/gym gear) and a revolution against those who chose to wear the newly titled “quaranjeans” as the new working from home uniform. Our advice is keep it comfortable but remember you will have to go back to work eventually and quaranchic won’t be acceptable forever! If you find this a struggle most mornings even when not working from home, take 10 minutes in the evening or before you go to bed to plan what you will wear for the following day and have it ready to throw on when you inevitably sleep through your countless alarms. We blame Netflix for keeping us up all night and causing havoc with our sleeping patterns.We feel your pain people and have learned how to tackle the morning panic!


4.Embrace lunchtimes like never before 

Remember the days when you would sit at lunch with your colleagues and escape work for at least 40 minutes and have interactions with others that wasn’t in the form of a conference call through Zoom? Yeah those were the good days. No more than ever, you need to ban lunches at your desk. Take time away from your emails, tasks to complete and deadlines to focus on your downtime which is lunchtime. Safe to say we have all been cooking more than usual since working from home, so use this time to come up with new recipes to trial that you can easily throw into your Tupperware and win the title of food envy of your colleagues when normality resumes back at the office. If you are in need of some great lunch ideas and foodie inspiration ,check out these great recipes here


We are by no means experts on his whole remote working thing but hope these points have helped and would love to hear how you are making the most of the current situation. Let us know how you are staying sane and what tools or tricks have made your remote working  life easier.  Have you got any recommendations  for staying in touch with your work colleagues and how to keep the team together when being apart? This is unchartered territory for us all so why not do what we do best and come together as a community , to share what works for you and share the wealth of working from home!


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