The GEC and Dublin BIC

Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) is a public-private business support organisation who work with state agencies and private sector investors to support entrepreneurs as they build the next generation of successful Irish businesses.

For over 25 years, Dublin BIC’s business consultants have shared their first hand experience, considerable knowledge, resources and passion to the benefit of many of today’s business leaders.

As well as helping to develop investor ready companies and providing access to funding, Dublin BIC advises companies on business planning and development; provides best in market incubation space; and creates platforms for entrepreneurs to develop their skills and networks.

The Dublin Business Innovation Centre (Dublin BIC) was formed in 1988 and was one of the first public/private supports to the start-up eco system in Ireland. They work in conjunction with supports from EBAN, Enterprise Ireland, local private plus public and higher education partners to assist the development of enterprise and innovation in the Dublin region.

Dublin BIC has strongly supported the economic growth and performance of the region over the past decade and continues to provide practical support and assistance through investor ready business preparation with access to finance for entrepreneurs, new and young enterprises with the potential for growth. Dublin BIC has assisted in creating over 500 new businesses, employing approx. 2,428 people, approx. 2,032 indirectly.

Dublin Business Innovation centre has built a strong culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and competitiveness through strong leadership and investments.

They offer access to seed and early stage venture capital to start-up companies. They have been responsible for the direct investment of over 22m of angel and seed venture capital into 100+ companies.  As managers of the GEC, they also provide hi tech innovative office space to a community of 380 networking entrepreneurs and over 150 emerging companies who are housed there. 

For more information on Dublin BIC and all they do, please contact them directly by phone (01 671 3045) or email 

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