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Simulty is a tool that can be used to navigate multiple websites simultaneously from one single tab. Traditional browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer…) only allow users to deal with one website at a time. Therefore, users are often forced to repeat the exact same action on different websites all over again.

For example, an online shopper looking for the price of a specific product in multiple websites must:

a) open each individual site
b) search for the exact same product on each website individually
c) locate the product they are looking for on each website

After taking these steps, the customer ends up with multiple tabs opened, constantly switching from one to another in order to identify the best deal.

Instead, they can go to , type their search in just once and get the results from the different sites side by side on one single tab; so that they can visually compare them and decide which one suits them best.

See example below…


You can enjoy Simulty in any of its formats: as a Web Application, an Android App and a Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

Introducing Andrés Macias;

‘We have been based at the Guinness Enterprise Centre since June 2013. Working at the GEC has been very beneficial to Simulty, as it has allowed us to establish business relations with other companies in the centre (like Content Kingsand B-sm@rk ). By participating in the networking events organised by the GEC, it has also enabled us to increase our contact networks.

We have also received support from other Irish public institutions like Dublin BIC, that is currently helping us preparing our first round of investment. Also Enterprise Ireland, that awarded us with the participation in the ‘New Frontiers Programme’ and with an Innovation Voucher.’


The Simulty Team at the recent GEC Open Day

For more information on Simulty, get in touch with Andrés directly…
Website, Twitter or Facebook.

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