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 run computer-based music production courses and workshops across the island of Ireland, and more recently in the UK. They supply ALL the latest software and equipment including MacBook Pro laptops, keyboards and controllers, delivering on-site in schools, community projects and music colleges. This provides a welcome relief for learning centres as it saves them having to invest in expensive equipment and software licences. Students get to engage with music styles they enjoy, whilst picking up valuable IT and creative media skills that are transferable into the working environment or even further study.

On the tutor side, hire experienced local producers and musicians – people with a genuine passion for music making and who provide an authentic learning experience. Tutors gain from getting supplementary income to help them stay active in their chosen field, where income streams can be sporadic nowadays. As such, their model is one that has adapted to the challenges faced by the Education and Music industries and offers some answers.

Currently there is three members in the team, with temporary staff also hired for different projects. (They’re also looking to develop further hubs contracting local staff in Ireland and the UK.)

Gavin Timlin (Owner) is a qualified Sound Engineer and following some years working freelance as a studio engineer, spent two years teaching sound engineering on government programmes before setting up in 2011. He also has degrees in Commerce and Statistics along with 10 years experience working in financial institutions.

Stuart Magowan (Belfast Hub Manager, Tutor) was formerly bassist in the band Cashier No.9, also has creative links with other Northern artists such as David Holmes and manages his own rehearsal studios in Belfast in an old converted bank (the financial link continues!).

Ben Breslin (Derry Hub Manager, Tutor) is an active electronic music producer based in Ballymena with numerous releases under his belt. Ben is an Ableton Live expert and has taught music technology in a diverse range of settings from outreach projects to commercial product demonstrations. He doesn’t like banks!

Gavin tells us how being part of the GEC Community has helped’s progress…

‘Originally it was a one-man operation and I felt a bit isolated at times. Coming in to the GEC was a great boost. Having worked in offices in previous years, it was good to be back in a productive working environment but doing my own thing. A lot of companies here are at a similar stage of development and people have a supportive mindset. I found people quick to help in some developmental areas in which I didn’t have as much experience. There have also been opportunities for connecting with customers and raising the profile that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.’


Gavin at this year’s GEC Open Day

Recently has been accredited as an ‘Ableton Certified Centre’, this is quite a difficult standard to achieve in the land of music software, for example there are only 4 certified trainers in Ireland, and they are the only ‘mobile’ certified centre worldwide.

There has also been uplift in the type of venues in which have been active. For example, they delivered a seminar to the membership of the Irish Music Rights Association (IMRO) earlier in the year. Over the summer they were invited to give courses in some high-profile music colleges in the UK such as Point-Blank in London and BIMM in Brighton where they got to work alongside some 80’s and 90’s favourites such as Depeche Mode, Prodigy and Basement Jaxx.

Get in touch with Gavin directly by checking out , Twitter or Facebook.

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