GEC takes on Doha, Qatar

We are very honoured to be recognised as one of the top Private Business Incubators in the world from the prestigious UBI Global Benchmark Study. Centre manager, Eamonn Sayers, and University Partnership manager, Madison Roche, spent the week in Doha learning all about impactful collaborations in a globally innovative community. While that may sound like a lot of “business  buzzwords”, Eamonn and Madison returned with plenty of inspiration for the GEC.


There were plenty of interesting keynote speakers, panel discussions and workshops focusing on creating value across incubation and university partnerships. Madison sat in a workshop along side global incubation managers and academic directors discussing unique ways to aid these types of collaborations. A few interesting propositions included cross-disciplinary projects and partnering PhD students with entrepreneurs. Madison is excited to start implementing new ideas to future University collaborations. She’s eager to start working on future partnerships with new connections she’s made from Canada, to Australia to China. (And it’s not just because she can travel to these locations!)

If you’re interested in participating, make sure to reach out to her!

When Eamonn wasn’t busying himself learning about international innovation ecosystems, he was tanning networking and prepping for his own panel discussion on female entrepreneurship. There was no pressure whatsoever for Eamonn to lead this panel. He was able to graciously navigate difficult discussions surrounding the barriers female entrepreneurs face. One particularly poignant moment was when Eamonn asked Doha-native entrepreneur, Rabia Ahmad Mughal, who her favourite female entrepreneur was and she smartly answered “me”. There were interesting moments of debate and comparisons, and ultimately, there was a strong sense of women supporting women.




Eamonn and Madison left Doha with new aspirations for the GEC, new colleagues, a new award and minor sunburns. We are delighted that they were able to go and represent the GEC. And we are even more pleased to be recognised again as one of the top Private Business Incubator’s in the world. We sincerely thank those from UBI Global for taking such good care of our colleagues.

If you’re interested in learning more about the University Partnership Programme, whether you’re an entrepreneur, incubator or university make sure to contact Madison. If you’re interested in learning where Eamonn got his sandals, or about the GEC in general, contact him here.


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