Celebrating the #WomenOfTheGEC…

As we mark International Women’s Day on March 8th, let us introduce you to the Women of the GEC…


Photo 1 from L to R: The GEC & Dublin BIC Team (Ellen, Paula, Mary, Emma, Paula, Lisa, Vicky & Linda) , Deirdre from Zest & Laura from Bricolage 

Photo 2 from L to R: Emma from Manley, Lisa from Redwood, Kam from Huggity & Promo Models and Kristine from Krigis

Photo 3 from L to R: The Research & Markets Team, Marion from Plato & Noreen from Haddignton International Education 


Photo 1 from L to R: Iga from Greenstreets, Szilvia from The Impacter, Ailish from Collective Management & Niamh from Go Motion Academy 

Photo 2 from L to R: Antoinette from ISAX, Sile from Fluidedge & Liberty Bell, Sarah from Hole More Putts & Ann from ISAX

Photo 3 from L to R: Oonagh, Sandra & Heidi from Dublin BIC, Angela from Bluestar and Julianne from the GEC Team 


Photo 1 from L to R: Charlotte from About France, Pamela, Aine & Elva from Girlcrew, Margaret from Internsplus & Chloe from Cenergise

Photo 2 from L to R:  Clare from Dovetail,  Carol from Datakraft, Barbara from Omninecs,& Aoife and Helen from Ticketsolve 

Photo 3 from L to R: Kiriaki from Benetel, Aisling from Animations Skillsnet, Katerina from Aine NutriScience & Fiona from Unipupil 


Photo 1 from L to R: Jenny from Edge Only, Ruth from Ruth Noble Interiors, Grainne from Wexford Solar, Paula from Paula Wards Ireland and Lisa from Spireworks,

Photo 2 from L to R: Anna from LM Global, Aimee from Box Room Productions, Amelia from Annico Project Management and Aisling from JAE Engineering 

Photo 3 from L to R: Ci from Girlcrew, Ann from Bio-Innovate, Amy from Wattics & Tara from Dublin BIC


Photo 1 from L to R: Laurie Burke, Kirsten from Life Saving Languages, Janet from UX Training & Janine from emBrace

Photo 2 from L to R: Tavishi from Elephants don’t Forget, Victoria from Braithwaithe, Sandra from Bio-Innovate and Pearl from Bricolage 

Photo 3 from L to R: Paula from Knights, Dominique from CleanData, Deborah from Roundpeg Republic & Ciara from Elephant’s don’t Forget


Photo 1 from L to R:Elisha from Nasal Medical, Linda from STIALL, Grace and Aine from ISAX 

Photo 2 from L to R: Virginia from Greenstreets and Ling & Ting-Ting from the GEC Cafe 

Photo 3 from L to R: 2018’s Innovate participants 

Disclosure: All female GEC Clients were invited to take part in this feature…some are clearly just camera shy! 😉

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