27 Jul Yoga at The GEC

We started GEC Yoga classes in conjunction with The Yoga Site in late 2014. Classes have gone from strength to strength ever since with many GEC Clients incorporating them in to their weekly schedule.

Keen to know what our Yoga classes are like? Well let the GEC’s Vicky explain…

‘When yoga started at the GEC I was delighted, incorporating this into my lunch break is convenient and works even better on a Friday as it sets me up for the weekend ahead. Our instructor Dee is a Yoga expert and tailors each class to everyone’s individual needs. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are at a beginner or advanced – the class is all yours regardless!

Yoga helps me tackle the challenge of quietening my mind, trying to put everything aside and concentrating on me – just ME! This definitely takes some practice and perseverance but now I’d find it very hard to go without my weekly yoga classes. 

Yoga helps my body to recover from other exercises I do and is essential in improving/maintaining good posture as I sit at a computer each day. It also relaxes my mind and helps me to focus. After each and every yoga session, my mind  is clear. 

I always leave the class feeling refreshed and energised…ready to take on the world! Nothing phases me after the session…pressure is released and I feel fully revived ‘ 

But don’t just take our Vicky’s word for it, check out the below testimonials from other GEC Clients…

Dee always corrects our position which is really useful. I am beginner so it is important to start with the right positions ~ Camille, Zerogrey

 It’s really helpful especially for people like me that usually spend more than 7 hours a day in front of the computer. I feel much more relaxed both physically and mentally ~ Alberto, Research & Markets 

Great to stretch out the body and good for focus, stress, etc. I feel it complements well other sports I take part in such as running and swimming, and also think it helps undo the damage of all the time we spend sitting at a computer. You feel great after it ~ Shay, Benetel 

Yoga is great at the GEC. Often I usually just work through lunch on my computer but on Tuesday’s and Fridays there is yoga at lunchtime and it enables me to get out of my mind and into my body. By doing all the various different poses which stretch the muscles and then holding the stretches and focusing on the breath, everything in the mind disappears and concentration reduces to the simplicity of movement and breath. It’s a great experience. Afterwards there is a sense of peace and calm and lots of energy available to go back to work ~ Donal, Red Zinc 

I feel that my body is lighter and since I practice Yoga I don’t have lower back pain after whole day of work in front of computer. My mind is quieter and I feel relaxed. Lunch Yoga is a great break from ordinary day, I don’t have to spend extra time after work to go to Yoga studio as Yoga comes to me in GEC  ~ Damien, Research & Markets 

Classes are on each and every Friday at 12.30pm for 50 x minutes at a cost of €10 per person and must be booked in advance with The Yoga Site. The GEC’s Vicky and Damien from Research & Markets also run pop out classes on a Tuesday – contact Vicky directly for more info. 

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