Software Development


Teonite is a software development company with a team of agile developers to and designers with a wide range of tech skills.Your software challenge is our mission.

KaTech Software Limited

We are excited to officially launch KATech with its brilliant and outstanding vision to innovate software technology in e-commerce and education. We are devoted to providing you with world-class services at KATech.        ...

Crane Digital Solutions

  CRANE DS is your ultimate consultant on European cultural and service industry's innovative marketing solutions, your partner in achieving audience-driven marketing approach for customer satisfaction, with services from consultancy to software development. ARMSys, our cloud-based, integrated culture-specific modular CRM system offers customizable modules to fit your budget and specific needs.


  Seamless transactions for repeat business   ...


 We are a Software Technology Development company that designs and builds elegant Software and Digital Knowledge systems for education with a particular focus on enhancing learning outcomes for students."


 Software and app development

Internalia Group

 Internalia Group is specialized in the development, implementation and distribution of mobile apps for business environment, to impove the internal control of companies, and fieldteam management. ...

Aine Nutriscience

Interactive, cloud-based animal feed/ration formulation platform that will help increase farm profitability sustainably. (coming soon!)...


 Digital and mobile software development

Black Onyx

 We are working to build an unprecedented Development Hub for some of the greatest ideas and innovations in the world. Black Onyx Interactive Labs for startups and corporate companies. ...

Dmbook Pro Ltd

 Dmbook Pro is a revolutionary cloud based Smart Handover for hotels. Dmbook Pro helps hotels gain total control over their operations by providing an easy, flexible app to communicate, organise and manage the constant flow of ...


 We organise company's events for team building, coaching and


 At Warbble we put your business on social media so you can connect with your customers. We’ll set you up, create and manage your social media and show you how to engage effectively with your


 Vittalia is a young company, based in Spain, which specialises on software and apps marketplace. We offer users a multimeida library with more than 220,000 titles. Our network of proprietary websites cover the main european and american

Red Zinc

  RedZinc is a software company with a wearable video technology compatible with 4G telecommunications and working in the paramedic, tele-maintenance and police markets. RedZinc is partnered with international service provider companies.

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