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Republic of Whiskey

  Republic of Whiskey is a producer of premium Irish Whiskey and other alcohol products...


 Chillcart is an online market place for grocery stores & super markets. Customers can shop groceries online & get then delivered to their door. ...

The Pure Kitchen

 We make convenience healthy. Tasty and healthy ready meals to your door, office and now available in store (SuperValu in Dublin and other independent stores). Only Irish meat. Nothing added, nothing processed, just pure food.

ProU Yogurt

 ProU Yogurt is your nutritious and delicious source of calcium, Vitamin D and protein - all crucial to maintaining healthy bones & muscles. ProU Yogurt is all about 'Keeping U Active for Longer'

Gortinore Distillery

 Gortinore Distillery is a whiskey distillery that will actually distill whiskey and drag irish whiskey into the 21st

Orpens Cider


Byron Catering

 For all your catering needs!

Paleo Meal Deliveries

 Chief standard, convenient, nutritionally dense meals delivered to your

Leaves Pure Food

 Leaves create plant based excellent food. Their first line is 'Pasta with Benefits', a unique range of high protein, naturally gluten free pasta made from buckwheat and



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