Internet Services

Ernieapp Ltd

  Ernieapp Ltd was incorporated in Dublin in January 2017 with one mission: design, implement and take to market a new consumer digital service empowering end-users by monetizing their web and mobile engagement.

Topper Technology Ltd

  Topper Technology is an App that processes card payment for sole traders. We also have inbuilt technology for events, appointments & CRM enabling sole traders to run their business efficiently with no gadget, no gismo, just great technology!...

Eishtec Dac

  At the heart of Eishtec, is the ability to harmoniously bring together the many factors required to achieve excellence in customer engagements. We continually endeavour to align your business needs with the expectations of your customers. We achieve this, in part, through training our people not only in the process,...


 Chillcart is an online market place for grocery stores & super markets. Customers can shop groceries online & get then delivered to their door. ...


 Replace your PDF proposals, quotes and presentations with interactive & mobile-friendly webpages that plug into your systems and are as easy to build and reuse as they are

Cube HQ

 Business operations software for wholesalers, importers and retailers. Providing a powerful set of tools backed by machine learning to manage inventory, sales, purchasing and

Hosting power

 Hosting power provides comfortable and affordable accommodation for 3rd level


 Illuminate harnesses the power of crowd sourcing to provide innovative, creative solutions and ideas for


 Peer to peer online rental market place. ...

 A Dublin based Google Adwords & PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising guru with over 6 years experience in helping businesses of all sizes grow their online


 We organise company's events for team building, coaching and

Vu2Vu Ireland

 Vu2Vu™ is a customer service provider (CSP) for Vidyo™ Inc., the market leader in Personal Telepresence video conferencing systems. Vidyo™ pioneered the use of Scalable Video Coding (SVC) solutions for video conferencing in 2005 and supplies the technology that powers 40% of the major forces in unified communications


  Website Analytics  ... have been providing professional parking solutions to companies around Ireland for the past five years. All of our spaces are in secure developments and are conveniently located  for you and your staff. We source vacant spaces in nearby properties, close to your office. We are a B2B parking provider who specialise in the...


 Chameleon AD is a native advertising software with headquarters in Dublin. We build native formats that helps publishers to maximise revenues across all devices and advertisers to improve their ROI and engagement using video or mobile ads. Chameleon provides also a real time bidding platform which connects publishers and advertisers...


 Find things to do! Fast and easy booking of tours and activities all over the

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