24 Jun Ideas with Impact by StartUp Salon: Creating a business driven by purpose & profit

Startup Salon

These days many aspiring entrepreneurs want to create a business that’s as much about purpose as it is about profit. 

To address stress, poor employee engagement scores and a host of societal problems, leaders of corporate organizations are beginning to explore how their core business activities can add purpose to the objective of profit.

This edition of Startup Salon will introduce aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make an impact on something they care about and employees of corporate organisations looking to inject more purpose into business activities, to the stories of startups whose business models are aligned to the impact their founders want to make on the world.

When: Thursday 7th July

Where: Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, D1 

 Time: 18:00-21:00

Startup salon is an event series run by Janice Valentine, founder of Great Life Distillery, which is a business all about supporting people make great things happen in their lives. Janice is a champion of Irish startups and an advocate of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. She launched Startup Salon in 2015 to support individuals achieve their dream of creating a more autonomous, meaningful and engaging work-life. 

The panel discussion will start at 18:30 and finish at 20:00 (with a 15 minute interval at 19:00 & a 15 minute Q&Q from 19:45-20:00). Informal networking at the bar between 20:00 – 21:00.

The Panel:

Derek F. Butler, GRID Finance

Orla MacCallion, UniTuition,

Annalisa O’Carroll, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland

Matt McCann, Access Earth

Eamonn Sayers, World Sports Team

A chance to be inspired by the spirit of startups…this is an informal and sociable evening that is focused on inspiration, change and connection.

Discounted tickets available – contact lisa@gec.ie for more information 

To learn more about the panel and the vision of Startup Salon please visit their website


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