26 Feb Sisu Juices at The GEC


SiSú juice came to February’s GEC First Wednesday Club. 

For those of you who missed the big announcement, we now have SiSú Cold Pressed vegetable based juices available to everyone in the GEC via their smart retail cooler which is located in the Mail Room.

Cold pressed vegetable and fruit juice is full of natural nutrients that when drank regularly has a positive impact on your health & stabilising your energy levels throughout the day.

The system we have in place with SiSú uses smart technology and is cashless so to buy a juice you simply create your own account with SiSú and shop at your convenience at the cooler.

There are 6 different flavours to choose from – check them out here

When you create your account and top up, SiSú are also giving everybody in the GEC a free juice.

To do this, simply:

· Create an account and top-up on SiSú’s website 

· Using your phone number and a PIN, you can login at the cooler & collect 

Enjoy the fresh juice!


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