gec_sti_greenpar Acquired by Google in 2011
gec_sti_adaptive Reaching 1 billion subscribers making it the world leader in mobile security
gec_sti_openjaw Acquired by GuestLogix I 2014
gec_sti_research Claims 400 of the Fortune 500 companies as customers
gec_sti_jammedia Awarded BAFTA

Stories that Inspire

Success stories can be a source of great encouragement to early stage start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs. As a supportive community we are delighted to share the good news of all GEC companies in our Latest News.

GEC start-ups are invited to share their wins whether it’s the acquisition of a new customer, the reaching of a significant milestone, the winning of an award, the raising of funds and maybe even, like for some of our graduates, realizing an exit.  

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