30 Oct Meet the Entrepreneur: Patricia from Focus Marketing

Focus Marketing Ltd provide outsourced marketing and business development support to a variety of clients across various industry sectors. Patricia Kearns started the company in February 2014 so it is just over two years in operation. She started with one solid client – but has since added several clients to her portfolio. All business that has come her way has been by referral or networking – nothing has come directly from advertising. Patricia has also got a lot of her business directly through her connections here at the GEC.

She believes that patience, belief –(both in yourself and your product or service) along with the ability to bounce back from knock backs and move on are three very important skills to have as an entrepreneur. 

She’d also advise any ‘budding entrepreneurs’ to do their homework: market analysis, competitive analysis etc. A business plan should be realistic and based on market statistics rather than aspirations. She also recommends that you have a solid value proposition that you can deliver anytime when someone asks you ‘What does your Company do?’ as it’s amazing how many people struggle with this question and ‘fluff’ the answer thus missing the opportunity to promote themselves.

She also believes that you shouldn’t wait until you’ve everything perfect otherwise you’ll never do it. ”If you have 60/70% of plans in place – go for it! Be prepared to adapt along the way and even eliminate parts of your plan as you move through it. Recognise when something is not working and change it. Also, always trust your gut instinct. You’re most likely right!

If she had the chance to start her career over again, what would you she do differently?

”I’d do a Master’s degree earlier than I did. I did my masters degree in 2012/13 but I learned alot and gained so much confidence from the procedure – I wish I’d done it years before. It really amplifies your knowledge of your sector.”

Patricia can’t really describe a ‘typical day’ as it’s generally dictated by client calendars. She works an average of 60 hours a week but does try to keep her weekends free. She usually gets home around 5pm and takes a break until around 8pm but sometimes works into the night depending on what’s going on. She will also often have to meet clients at Restaurants for dinner at least one evening per week.

Her motivation? 

  • Getting a proposal over the line
  • Landing a good contract
  • Creating and implementing a concept that proves successful for my client.
  • Delivering opportunities for my Company and subsequently – my client base.

She believes that networking and talking to people from different business sectors generates creative ideas and identifies opportunities. LinkedIn Member Groups are also a good source of inspiration if she is particularly struggling to come up with ideas. 

Success is…
”Delivering solid results for my clients. Seeing my marketing campaign change the success ratio and ultimately the client’s bottom line.”

Her greatest inspiration?

”I worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager for Fitzers Catering for 11 years from ‘98 and Sharon Fitzpatrick who owns that Company is probably my biggest Inspiration. She simply never took no for an answer no matter what the challenge and I admire her tenacity and determination – two key attributes necessary for success. In world terms I would say Michael O’Leary – not a popular choice I know but you have to admire how he has trail blazed the changes in how we approach air travel, not only in Ireland but worldwide. The ultimate Entrepreneur really.”

Her favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur? Being her own boss of course! 

Winning an overall UK & Ireland ‘Best in Business Award’ having secured the most amount of Business against target for the year over any competitors in 2011 & 2012, is one of her most satisfying moments in business. From a client point of view since she set up her Company, her best achievement was for her client Marco Pierre White Restaurants Ireland. Patricia devised and implemented a marketing program to secure the relocation of TV3’s popular programme ‘The Restaurant’ to be filmed in MPW’s New Donnybrook Restaurant. The marketing objective was to increase brand awareness and brand reach into different market sectors for herclient. The show was filmed on site in August 2015 and broadcast over 6 weeks in Feb/March 2016. This achieved a massive surge in brand awareness and reach along with extensive business growth.

So what’s life like in the GEC? What benefits are there to being part of our Community?

‘I love being part of the GEC Community. Sean Gleeson from Find a Venue introduced me to the GEC one day during a meeting about something else and I’ve never looked back. Being part of the GEC has increased my business this year. It has extended my reach into a broader range of clients and has given my business a more professional image. It has also supplied access to support services in terms of business growth and business leadership.

In 10/20 years time – where will you be?
‘Having a sustainable business delivering quality marketing and business development campaigns to both blue chip and start up clients and develop solid relationships along the way’ 

Get in touch with Patricia directly to find out more about the 


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