30 Jun Meet the Entrepreneur: Jenny from Edge Only

Edge Only is a luxury jewellery with an edge, ethically made in Ireland. Their range includes solid gold and sterling silver jewellery in ‘edgy’ designs for men & women

They’re two years old and Jenny Huston started this as an online business but are now in retail in the UK and Ireland along with the USA with a New York stockist who joined in February of this year. 

The three skills that Jenny believes you need as an entrepreneur? 

Focus, determination and adaptability

The piece of advice she would give to someone interested in setting up a business is “Don’t quit your day job. Cash flow is killer for so many start up businesses, so if you can ease the burden day to day and keep things moving, it will reduce stress. You will be consumed every waking minute, 7 days a week, so you may as well be paid for some of those hours”

If she had the chance to start her career over again, she would believe in herself more. It’s important to listen to advice, it’s equally important to know when to ignore it.

A typical day for Jenny goes like this…

  • The morning is social media – a post for Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. 
  • Before lunch is packages – customer sales, UK orders, stock deliveries, sorting the unfinished jewellery going for hallmarking and for finishing at the workshop. I also liaise with retailers on stock levels etc 
  • The afternoon is the website and the running of the business itself – researching new stockists, preparing newsletters, looking ahead to press and marketing for the new collection, blog posts, product descriptions, administration and accounts.


Happy customers (sales!) keep Jenny motivated and she generates new ideas by allowing time to daydream. “I set aside time to think and try to really observe the world around me – you never know where design inspiration will come from.”

“Success to me is the ability to pay myself and my staff fairly. Success is creating a business people want to work for and a product that people feel proud to own and wear. For me it is not measured by commercial success alone, but also in creating a business with a more ethical way of doing things.

My Mother is a brilliant designer, goldsmith and gemmologist and she has spent years sharing her knowledge through training. I have great admiration for her and she is my biggest inspiration. I also admire the ethical and sustainable strides and commitments that Stella McCartney has made in fashion.  She is an inspirational designer with a ethical business model.

The best part about being an entrepreneur?  Independence and the ownership. The little wins become more meaningful when they come from your own creations and efforts.”

Her most satisfying moment in business?

“Seeing my jewellery on the red carpet at the BAFTAs this year felt brilliant. Angela Scanlon chose to wear her gold BAM! Necklace with her elegant black dress which was a total surprise. She looked incredible and showed so much personality. I still smile every time I think of it.”

What’s life like in the GEC? What benefits are there to being part of our Community?

”Having access to the GEC’s excellent administration and reception has been key for a business like ours. We take and deliver many packages so it’s invaluable to be in such a helpful, secure, flexible facility.’

Where you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

In ten years I see Edge Only jewellery available in all the major cities. With flagship store(s) opening and a booming e-commerce operation…watch this space! 🙂

Please get in touch to say Hi if you want to hear more 

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