03 Aug Meet The Entrepreneur: Grainne from Wexford Solar


Wexford  Solar  is a business which develops, owns and operates renewable energy generators.  The company grew from utilizing skills and experience learnt in the wind energy industry in  Ireland and creating an opportunity to move into the solar energy industry. Driving growth by being a leader in the field, Wexford Solar was the first company to spot the potential in the Irish market for solar and achieved the first  shovel ready solar energy project in Ireland. Since then, they have three more solar energy projects that are shovel ready with the ability t power over 4,000  homes  (13 Mega Watts) and plans to develop another 9 projects powering 15,000  homes’     

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Initiative. Its pretty obvious that if  you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. Drive and persistence also hold key roles: to be able to keep on going even when the road ahead is unclear is very important, because things will become a little bit clearer and eventually when the fog clears…there might be tropical island worth of fun at the end!        

What piece of  advice would  Grainne give to someone interested in setting up a business?  ‘Be productive. Learn about your peak energy times, your routines, and the productivity tools that  work for you in order to create your own plan for success. Make entrepreneur friends as moving from working in a company to on your own is a hard’ 

A typical day in Grainne’s world? ‘Every day is different. Last week I went from working in the middle of a field beside the sea near Carlingford on the sunniest day of the year to then spending the evening in a workshop building a new product prototype! But usually my day starts with a cycle to the GEC,  ‘a  coffee please Ray’ and then I try to wake up  from zombie  ville!  Sitting down and adding to yesterday’s to do  list,  phone charging at about  2pm after a  lot of  phone calls to my business partners and a failed attempt to fit in yoga in the GEC!  I finish off the day by getting a world  of things sorted, started and listed as work in progress’

Grainne tries to attend as many industry events as possible and stays involved with Engineers  Ireland. Her most recent business start up idea came about at a hackathon,  which she attended as she had a broken ankle and couldn’t do much else for the weekend! So clearly it turned out to be a very valuable weekend and she’s now on the way to a new business with a great partner because of it!      

Her definition of Success? ‘Being happy and a nice sort of tired at the end of the day’        

So why the GEC? ‘ You cannot get away with opening your eyes to other companies,  people and opportunities when you work here. Great fun and exciting. Calling into reception and getting  nearly everything you might need under the same roof  to move your business forward is pretty cool!’

In her spare time Grainne loves to keep active: touch rugby, mountain biking, road biking, hiking and surfing are all her hobbies. Basically anything for an excuse to head away really and get to the coast!    

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with Grainne directly 


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