01 Jul Meet The Entrepreneur: Angelo from Cleerup

Cleerup is a digital services and development company. They provide B2B strategic and tactical consulting, together with development and educational services. They focus on helping leverage digital for innovation and assist their clients build solutions for their business to be successful in the digital space. They also have a ‘Labs’ section, a sort of internal incubator, where they run R&D and prototype plus develop products.

Although Cleerup is very young, they have consulted and developed projects for clients in UK, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, USA, both for small and medium/large clients. They have worked with a number of different startups and have also developed a partner network across Europe, with the ability to run project work with presence in Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and UK. Cleerup has been registering a growth of over 175% in client base and an increase of 300% in revenues within the last 6 months. 

Angelo feels that the the following are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur…

1: Vision
2. Talent management
3. Organisation

He says it’s also essential to stay true to the business culture you want to build, at all stages.

Angelo offered this advice to anyone interested in setting up a business…

‘It isn’t easy and all glitz&glam as some make it sound. Be concrete and talk to people. Build experience, learn first, do your research, build financial backup before you go for it. Once you’re ready, take the leap and then.. don’t be afraid to break things. Give yourself enough runway. While it’s important to avoid sunk cost fallacy, it is equally important to understand it takes time for any business to take off.’

Having an impact on people, doing something useful for others motivates Angelo. He feels that this enables individuals and business’ to achieve great things through technology. He walks outdoors and talks to alot of people to help generate new ideas. 

Describing his typical day… 

‘I get up around 8am, go for a walk in the park, grab a coffee and a pastry…enjoying nature and little pleasures of life is paramount. I then work on site with my clients, at home or enjoy the co-working space at GEC. Usually around mid morning and late afternoon I have conference calls with international clients, collaborators and partners. Whenever the weather is good, we arrange outdoor financial lunch meetings. In the evening it’s all about fantasy and scifi books, movies and TV shows, playing music before I spend another couple of hours on the computer, usually coding…I don’t sleep much 🙂

Angelo defines success as satisfaction and happiness along with feeling at balance with your personal & working life. 

His favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

‘The daily uncertain adventure you live, shaping your ideas with the freedom to manage in a way that truly respects your values’

The most satisfying moment in business?

‘This answer is short and sweet…starting it!’

So what’s life like in the GEC? 

‘I enjoy very much the opportunity of meeting in the cafes and for lunch with fellow entrepreneurs. We often have exchanged ideas and have also been doing some work for one another. I love all the personal growth, the exposure to events and guests, most importantly about funding and management. I have been given great opportunities through international events such as the summit with the Irish-German Chamber, and the chance to talk to Irish and international investors/business angels.’

Where do you see yourself and your business in 10 years? 20 years?

‘I see myself here, there and everywhere…most importantly having fun, discovering, learning, and I see the business taking many shapes – never standing still’

Contact Angelo directly by email to find out more about Cleerup

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