03 Jun Kickstart your Business…The Roadshow


We’re very excited to announce that the George Hook ‘Kickstart your Business’ Roadshow is coming to The GEC next week!

Leading broadcaster George Hook draws on his own experience as a struggling business owner to team up with Gerard Tannam, serial entrepreneur and founder of Islandbridge Brand Development to take Kickstart Your Business on the road. Their popular Kickstart Your Business feature attracts over 120,000 listeners each Thursday evening on Newstalk.

The Roadshow is a live event based on the popular Newstalk weekly radio feature, where George and Gerard meet emerging entrepreneurs to celebrate their courage and initiative and offer suggestions on how to grow their business.

This interactive Roadshow event will feature:

• Keynote presentations from George & Gerard on what makes for a great business
• 3 start-up business reviews (including audience feedback) with GEC clients Warbble, Parking Motel and NurseBuddy 

See below poster for more details

Come along on Friday June 10th at 11am to Conference Room 3 (First Floor)

Demand is high so please make sure to book your place in advance!

RSVP: lisa@gec.ie

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