02 May JNB Music are pleased to announce that they have been selected to attend Menorca Millennials

GEC Client JNB Music are pleased to announce that they have been selected out of 400 companies that applied, to attend Menorca Millennials, the world’s first start-up decelerator.

Just like Airbnb changed the way you book a hotel room, JNB Music will change the way you interact with, listen to and enjoy music in venues around the world!

JNB Music is a cloud-based platform which gives you, the customer, access to the playlist of any venue which plays music (via the app), you can then vote for your favorite songs, the songs with the most votes are played first.

JNB Music is one of just 20 start-ups selected from over 400 global applicants to attend Menorca Millennials.

Read more about Menorca Millennials on Forbes: Menorca Millennials Is The First Rise Of Tech Decelerators Putting Brakes On Accelerators.

Also, JNB Music’s free & easy to use Private Party feature is now available here – just click on the sign-up button and start using it at your next private party today!

For more information please contact Deborah Sass Co-Founder: 

E: deborah@jnbmusic.com

P: +34 646 39 6631

Skype: deborahsass

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/deborah-sass-6167741


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