01 Oct It’s the end of the Golfing season…

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After five enjoyable outings, the GEC Golf Society year has come to an end.

Huge thanks to all involved; committee members, sponsors, volunteers, promotors and of course all our GEC Golfers.

The results are in from September’s event in Sutton GC which was kindly sponsored by Research & Markets.

1st: Colm Handley with 40 points
2nd: Trevor Hawkins with 38 points
3rd: Brendan Garland with 35 points

Front 9 Winner: Alan Britton with 18 Points
Back 9 Winner: Brian O’Neill with 18 Points
Winning Team: Keith McDonnell, Johno Crotty, Trevor Hawkins with 100 Points
Nearest the Pin: Trevor Hawkins (Hole 6)
Longest Drive: Liam Farrell (Hole 18)

Visitor Prize: Andrew Toomey with 36 Points

We’ve also tallied up the ‘Player of the Year’ awards and we are delighted to announce…
Colm Handley of DV8 Productions with 106 points as 2015s ‘GEC Golf Society Player of The Year’

Brendan Garland of Scorebuddy with a total of 104 points came a close 2nd and Vu2Vu’s Trevor Hawkins was just behind him in 3rd place with 102 points.

Many thanks to all who played this year, we hoped you enjoyed it and the Golf Society will be in contact early in the new year with dates and venues for the 2016 season.

Lastly, we wish Dick Bourke and Colm Handley all the very best as they retire from the committee after three years’ service.

Here’s to 2016’s Golfing Season!

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