14 Feb Introducing An Cosán

An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC), is changing lives and communities through online education.
VCC is an education initiative to scale the work of An Cosán in Tallaght West. We empower people to learn using the latest virtual, online and mobile technologies.
Working closely with our Community Partners, VCC caters for learners who have not benefitted from mainstream education, offering a wide range of accessible accredited and non-accredited courses. All of our courses are designed to respond to community education needs and we fully support students to reach their potential.
Our learners come from community development and leadership roles and the service users that they work with namely those from marginalized backgrounds all across Ireland, we will be working directly with those who have previously been excluded from education due to the barriers of poverty, rural isolation, early school leavers, those affected by drug and alcohol addiction, homeless, ex-prisoners, women excluded from workforce and activists all across Ireland.
We are helping to demolish the digital divide that has excluded these groups in the past and helping the break down all the barriers to education to ensure we have education equality for all our citizens.

“An Introduction to Community Drugs Work” – Brief Course Description – commences on 27th February.

In this course, causes and consequences of addiction as they relate to the individual, family, community, and society are discussed. Response alternatives regarding intervention, treatment, education, and prevention are reviewed. Addiction issues related to diverse populations are presented, and the connections between local and global contexts in relation to drug use will be explored.

This is the first programme of our Spring Term 2017. 
It will be followed by other community education programmes which are listed on our Spring Term 2016/17 Academic Timetable here which might be of interest to some of your Network and you can get further details on all our courses on offer on the following link to Programmes on our website.  The link to the online is above and you can use the attached graphic to post on Social Media.
You can watch some of our videos on our YouTube channel which will give you a good introduction to our work.   This 6 minute video will tell you the An Cosan VCC story and where we have come from and this short 2 minute video provides a Learners Voice.
Find out more details on our website: www.ancosanvcc.com

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