01 Nov In Focus: Calcfox

Calcfox is designed for financial enterprise companies who commit large resources to developing calculation, quotation and illustration systems. The platform automates the creation of such which reduces cost, operational risk and time to market. Leveraging sixteen years industry experience, Calcfox has been created with the unique ability to autonomously code, build and publish calculation based products in real-time. There is no requirement for any technical or development knowledge; the platform removes the necessity for and reliance on an internal or external software development team.

Let’s take the example of a Home & Contents insurance company. Its customers require a quote based on the information they provide. These systems are designed by Actuaries and Business Analysts, usually specified in documentation and spreadsheets, and then passed to its IT Department or an external software house for development. With Calcfox you are given the power and autonomy to control the creation and deployment of these calculation systems. Simply log onto Calcfox, create the algorithms through its intuitive designer, upload data and create test scenarios. At the click of a button Calcfox takes care of the rest.

The results produced by Calcfox are natively coded calculation systems with an API focus. Calcfox is accessible from Desktop to Tablet, thus catering for an increasingly mobile workforce. CTO’s/CIO’s and equivalents can completely revolutionize the way they plan and deliver calculation products by their team using a platform which absolves away the need for technical input/a full development team.


Following on from being a successful participant in Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers Phase 2 programme this year, Calcfox is quickly approaching Beta and is planning its launch by the end of the year.

Founded by Frank Egan, the idea for Calcfox came from many years working within the field of backend calculations systems development within sectors such as Banking and Insurance. Leveraging the latest technologies, his goal has been to create a platform that makes enterprise software development faster and cheaper, whilst improving standards through complete automation.


On joining the GEC, Frank says:

“As a single founder, moving to the GEC has given me the opportunity to work within a vibrant community whom are constantly supportive and helpful. Most companies here are at the early stages of development, so everyone understands your needs and pain points. The team at the GEC are great communicators and always in touch with information and advice, whilst also promoting a culture and environment conducive to the growth of startups. I find working here a great help in reaching my goals for Calcfox.”

For more information on Calcfox, Frank can be contacted directly via Twitter, LinkedIn or directly by emailfrank@calcfox.io

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