08 Mar GEC Client Firmwave® launches the first low-power, wireless sensor platform powered by Intel® Quark™ microcontroller technology


Firmwave® Edge is the first low-power, wireless sensor network platform powered by Intel® Quark™ MCU technology.  Firmwave® Edge will enable a world filled with tiny, intelligent sensors and rapidly accelerate development and deployment of IoT and wearable products and services.

Rapid growth from 5 billion device connections in 2014 to 27 billion connections in 2024 are forecasted by Machina Research. It is estimated that 69% of these connections in 2024 will be short range wireless (e.g. in-building Wi-Fi, BLE, ZigBee®, Thread etc.). This poses a huge challenge and with many new radio technologies alone, having connectivity, hardware and firmware expertise is a pain point for most organisations. Add the complexity of network commissioning, security, maintenance, device management and it is daunting. Firmwave® Edge provides low power, small form factor hardware and firmware modules that support wireless technologies such as Zigbee®, Thread, RFID, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa®, SIGFOX™ and Cellular.

Solution providers, platform specialists, integration specialists, vertical market specialists, network operators as well as innovative makers face growing hardware and firmware challenges in developing reliable IoT data collection devices. Firmwave® Edge is a suite of customisable, ultra-low power, ultra-compact, pre-validated hardware and firmware modules powered by Intel® Quark™ D2000 that will accelerate the design, development and deployment of the next wave of tiny, intelligent wireless sensors. This allows easy, reliable and secure data collection at the extreme edge of the network on tiny low power nodes. With Firmwave® Edge, customers can accelerate time to market and focus on data, information and valuable business insights rather than investing in expensive hardware and firmware development. Firmwave® Edge sensors will support tiny operating systems including Zephyr™, which is a small open source, scalable real-time operating system.

Notably, Firmwave® Edge hardware reference designs have a modular, stackable sensor system that can be compared to “Lego for sensors” requiring very little hardware and firmware customisation. Real-time sensor data is used to generate actionable insights that empower decision makers to make decisions that increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Security and device management blocks are key for commercial and industrial-grade IoT solutions and Firmwave® Edge provides secure and robust hardware and firmware blocks that can be customised and maintained in the field. Sensors have become much smaller, less expensive and lower power in the last few decades but, unfortunately, the cost of installing sensors has not kept pace. Firmwave® Edge makes it easy to commission, install, manage and maintain large scale sensor networks onto IoT gateways.

About Firmwave®

Firmwave® is an innovative product and solution design company that specialise in designing ultra-low power hardware and firmware for IoT and wearable devices. Firmwave® have decades of experience in designing and delivering smart connected sensor products and have a successful track record in delivering commercial and industrial grade IoT hardware and firmware to customers in healthcare, smart home and smart office markets.

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