12 May Call from GEC Client Fluidedge for Participants for the Liberty Bell Dublin Trials

Calling all Cyclists!

Cars parked in cycle lanes on your way home? No secure racks near local shops to up lock your bike? Potholes and uneven roads? A junction that feels too dangerous during rush hour?

Never got around to lodging a report to address these issues?

Liberty Bell, is a survey tool looking to understanding what people like you are encountering when cycling.

This innovative new project from Conor Cahill and Sile Ginnane from Fluidedge, here in the GEC, is one of the winners of the Smart Dublin Cycling Challenge –  a competition, sponsored by Dublin City Council, seeking low cost, smart and innovative solutions to increase the number of people cycling.

Using a simple smart bicycle bell, you can log specific issues that you experience as you are cycling. 

We are looking for people – young, not so young, novice or experienced cyclists – to volunteer for specific 2-week periods over the course of June and July 2017.

Please sign up here 



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