18 Apr April’s Startup Grind


Upcoming Grind on Thursday 21st April with special guest Robin Blandford founder and CEO of D4H 

Robin is a hero of the Dublin tech ecosystem in every sense of the word: as a volunteer with the Irish Coast Guard, Robin has spent over a decade saving lives and training the next generation of recruits. With D4H, he’s also spent the past 8 years building tools that help heroes save more lives by providing them with the right information they need when things go wrong.

On the 21st we’ll hear Robin’s story about building a prototype piece of software to increase efficiency in his own rescue team, and how he spotted an opportunity to turn that passion into a global opportunity.

Also, Robin and his team operate (plan world domination) from a 202 year-old lighthouse perched 134ft above Dublin Bay? Hearing that story alone will be worth the price of admission…

See here for full event information 

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