07 Mar A Message from Dublin’s StartUp Commissioner


Our Perfect Data…

Months of many peoples’ time has gone into building and refining this database of Dublin Startups. In truth, it’s still far from perfect or accurate or complete, but we thought we’d present it as such and then sit back and watch your comments, additions and corrections flow in.

Why should your company be listed here?
Because if you’re not in, you can’t win. This pre-release is the first step towards a definitive database of Dublin Startups and only the companies listed here will benefit from our global marketing and business development activities. Those activities start right now.

Who should appear on this listing?
Irish born, product based companies, who have an R&D function and an office in Dublin. They can be 10 minutes, or 10 years old, Irish owned or acquired.

Thanks to the 30+ organizations who shared their data with us. And to David Ashe and Sarah Scannell at Dublin City Council who sifted through it to find the startups. And to Eoghan Martin and Sarah Leahy for making sure the final data set was as strong and well presented as possible.

So Community, over to you. Time to let loose on our perfect data with your additions, comments and corrections. 

Thank you,

Niamh Bushnell


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