30 May Dublin Culture Project Development…


Sandra, a staff member of a GEC Client is helping Dublin City Council to work on developing a Cultural Project in Dublin this year. A team of freelance cultural producers have been hired by the Council to do a Consultation with the citizens of Dublin about their vision and attitude towards Arts and Culture.

The team is holding a series of workshops/conversations with the citizens of Dublin for a 3 months period (running from last April to June). The aim of this consultation is to find relevant and meaningful information to help develop the theme of the cultural project. A theme that should be about and for the people of Dublin (everybody who lives, works or studies in Dublin). They are talking with citizens of all walks of life, nationalities and generations

They want to include the widest variety of Dubliners possible in the conversation (community groups, young people, older people, new Dubliners, professional and business people, as well as people who are marginalised and disadvantaged). Through this form of inclusion they want to learn about the issues that are relevant to Dubliners and by keeping conversations going, they can ensure the final project will be accessible to all. 

Therefore, they would like to make a connection with the GEC by holding a workshop with its members and discuss with them for 30-40 minutes about Dublin & Culture. 

Would you like to join the conversation? Well please get in touch directly via email (sandraculturalevents@gmail.com)

Thank you very much in advance for all your help, 

Sandra Rodríguez

Freelance Cultural Programmer & Event Coordinator

089 4628382

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